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Christmas Worship Services:

Date:  December 23, 2021 at St. Peter Lutheran Church
Time: 6:30 p.m.* - Contemporary

Date:  December 24, 2021 at St. Peter Lutheran Church
Time: 11:00 a.m. & 1:00 p.m. - Contemporary
Time: 3:00 p.m.* & 5:00 p.m. - Traditional

Date:  December 24, 2021 at The CORE
Time: 4:00 p.m.* & 6:00 p.m. - Contemporary

Date:  December 25, 2021 at St. Peter Lutheran Church
Time: 9:00 a.m.* - Traditional

* Service will be live streamed.

Sermon Series: Christmas Characters

Series Summary: Modern celebrations of Christmas are filled with the classic characters—Santa, Rudolph, and the Elf on the Shelf. The first Christmas was filled with characters too, people that many of us can relate to. When God sent his Son into the world, the story first connected to an old, infertile couple with less than stellar faith, a virgin nobody from nowhere, and some third shift workers from the suburbs of Jerusalem. These details remind us that God always intended his Son to be for all people, since his love is for the whole world.

Did you miss one of the sermons in this series? Find more details here.

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Christmas Characters Sermon Series

Check out The CORE or St. Peter messages on YouTube. Sermons within this series include:

Week #1:  Mr. Uncertain — Luke’s Gospel begins with a clear reminder that the story of Christmas is more than a story. It is history, verified and recorded by eyewitnesses. The point of that careful research is to help people like Theophilus, and people like us, to be certain of the Christmas promises that we are about to hear.  (Luke 1:1-4)

Week #2:  Mr. Wrinkles — The first Christmas is filled with old people. Luke’s main characters include Zechariah, Elizabeth, Anna, and Simeon, wrinkled saints whom God blessed to see, hold, and praise his only Son. These verses remind us that while the world is infatuated with youth and the next generation, our Father values all of his children, even his oldest ones.  (Luke 1:5-25)

Week #3:  Ms. Nobody — In the 21st century, the Virgin Mary is a household name. But in the 1st century, Mary from Nazareth as a nobody, a humble and sometimes hungry girl from the hills of upper Galilee. When Gabriel announced the news to Mary, she was stunned and overwhelmed with joy. So are we. Jesus saves us, fills us, and lifts us up to join him in his Kingdom, a blessing we don’t deserve but absolutely enjoy. (Luke 1:26-38, 46-56)

Week #4: Mrs. Disgraced — In the 1st century, motherhood was everything. That meant that Elizabeth, old and infertile, had nothing. But God worked a miracle to take away her shame and weave her into the story of the coming Savior. In a similar way, God reaches out to us, in our sin and shame, and offers us the miracle of grace, a connection to the Savior who has already come.  (Luke 1:39-45, 57-80)

Christmas Eve:  Mr.and Ms.Stressed — It doesn’t take a Bible scholar to see the amount of stress that preceded the birth of Jesus. Roman occupation. Raised taxes. A mandated journey. Terrible timing. A pregnant fiance and a steep climb to Bethlehem. No room in the inn. Can you imagine it?!   But in the midst of that stress and chaos, Jesus was born. These details are a gripping reminder that God isn’t waiting until life is peaceful and perfect to bless us. Instead, he shows up in the middle of personal, political, and relational drama and offers us Jesus, the one sent to save.  (Luke 2:1-7)