6:30-7:30PM Sunday, October 2 in the Ministry Center @ St. Peter or…
6:30-7:30PM Monday, October 3 in the Ministry Center @ St. Peter or…
6:30-7:30PM Tuesday, October 4 in the Ministry Center @ St. Peter

Calling all parents! You are invited to ATTEND ONE HOUR listed above, an hour geared toward blessing your family, especially your children in a world which is extremely difficult to navigate and even survive.


In one critical hour, we will cover critical areas of a family’s focus, Christian parenting, fruitful conversations in the home, modeling the faith, and how the church is here to assist you as you raise your children in Jesus.

EMAIL Pastor Bill  with your names and the date you plan on attending.

Solid Ground

What is Solid Ground?

What is Solid Ground? Solid Ground – A Model for Family Discipleship is a project of the WELS Northern Wisconsin District’s commission on discipleship. This work is presented as 5 modules which focus on equipping and empowering fathers and mothers to be primary in discipling their children in Christ in the areas of Family Culture (Claim), Parenting (Raise), Spiritual Conversations (Build), Marriage (Cast), and the Proper Place of the Church (Found) utilizing the Divine Service as an outline and pattern for family life with a particular emphasis on the Means of Grace. These 5 modules are bookended by an introductory and exit presentations, where the former presents a practical overview of Solid Ground and the importance of worship called: The Critical Hour and the latter offers a final exit interview which reflects on Solid Ground, providing next steps, and needed accountability for the home called: Lead Me, Father. This material is accompanied by implementation strategies which seek to complement every congregational size and setting, capitalizing on whatever youth ministry offerings or schools are available as onramps into Solid Ground. This material is scheduled to be made available at as of September 2022 without cost and in such a way that it can be utilized in traditional Bible study formats, small groups, retreats, or independent learning.

Once registered, please click here to access Solid Ground Modules & Resources